It’s a privilege to walk alongside my clients in their therapeutic journey. It’s amazing to see the client’s progress and receiving feedback is always an honour.

“Thank you so much for helping me on my journey. You’ve been amazing and I could never thank you enough”

CYP Client

To Denise, I can't believe I'm able to say I actually enjoyed this process with you. You are the rock I needed to be able to walk through some hard and frightening stuff. I'm so glad you were with me. I'll miss you but I'm stronger than I thought possible because of what we've done together. Thank you and blass you.

“I feel like I crawled through the door on that first session like a caterpillar and I’m flying out through the window on our last one like a butterfly”

Female adult client

You've helped me to bond with and heal the little girl inside of me. You've treated me with such patience and cocconed me with such a feeling of safety that with the benefit of time it has allowed me to step out of the wings and WANT to be seen.

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